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Welcome to my blog. I named it for what I normally do when I talk about history, I ramble. I believe that by studying history we can accomplish two goals. The first is that we can see how our current world came to be and how to avoid the mistakes of the past. The second, is to understand and recognize the humanity of people, both past and present. Very few of us will – hopefully – ever step foot on a battlefield, and none of us will ever know what is what like to a Roman Legionnaire at Cannae, or an infantryman at Gettysburg, so it is through history that we can attempt to understand the human experience more fully. I write primarily about military and political history, with posts ranging from the Punic Wars between Rome and Carthage to the American Civil War, to the World Wars, to the “War on Terror.” I have been intrigued by history since I was a small boy, and I hope that I may pass on some interesting ideas to you.


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